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i own a little vintage shop on the south coast by the sea, or at vintagepersempre.com. im married and we have a beautiful baby girl. i like going for walks on cold sunny days and trashy reality tv. i love small boutiques, markets and big city centers. im slightly dyslexic so you'll have to ignore my poor spelling, and i rarely use capital letters. my music taste is so varied, from country to screamo, oh and musicals. i love song lyrics, pretty photographs and modern art. i have many guilty pleasures and im really not very cool. im obsessed with drawings and tattoos of birds, but im genuinely terrified of real life ones. i guess you can read on to find out more (:

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Jubilee Celebrations!


The Queen's Jubilee is fast approaching and if your free and on the south coast over the weekend, why not pop along to our vintage Jubilee party!

There will be special offers on the day, yummy treats and as always even more exciting new 
stock to rummage through! 

We stock both men's and woman's vintage as well as accessories, crockery and home ware, so there's something for everyone!


We are set in the heart of Pokesdown, an up and coming vintage area set just outside of Bournemouth. 

We will be open 10-5 so come down and treat yourself!


if your on facebook then the event page is here which will keep you updated, and as its an open event you can invite as many people as you like!

also by clicking 'share' on this photo you'll be entered into our competition to win a £10 gift voucher, which could also be used online if you win!

can't wait to see everybody!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

purple rain, purple rain.

as its such a horrible rainy day i thought of purple rain and hence would so a post on purpley things. love it. 


Monday, 23 April 2012

brighton town.

scarlett had her first trip to brighton yesterday, took my camera with the plan to take loads of lovely photos.
as it turns out there were two protests going on, one very right wing group and the other not so much ...
basically the town was full of riot vans and people getting into fights, and it was a tiny bit frightening so my camera stayed out of sight.

so anyways heres a collection of photos from Lara stone's shoot in Brighton for one of the best vogue shoots, featured in november 2010 issue (:


Saturday, 21 April 2012

whats new?

we recently bought TONS of new stock, so heres some of my favourite pieces (:

1. Elephant necklace £10
2. Jaeger dress £30
3. White blouse £12
4. Selection of vintage scarves all only £3 each
5. Pink pattern alexson jumper £18
6. Blue cardigan £16
7. Cream pattern waistcoat £14
8. Green pleated skirt £10
9. Poppy pattern pleated skirt £15
10. Red beaded top £30
11. Jaeger paisley silk blouse £20

s/s 2012 floral & pastels

the biggest trend this spring/ summer is pastels and florals. think sky blues, marshmallow pink, and soft cream.
if you don't believe us click here

here at vintage per sempre, we look for items that will keep you on trend but allow you to have something truely unique. here's just a small selection of some pretty pastel pieces.

1 & 2. 1950's dress £65. 
3. Hand painted silk petticoat £45.
4. Left to Right £40, £25, £20. 
5.1950's lace dress & coat £45.
 6. Cream gloves £6
7. Blue 1960's chiffon top £5
8. Ivory ruffle blouse £20
9. Pink pleated blouse £12
10. Left to right £14, £16, £12



Friday, 20 April 2012

'you look well nice'

following on from my last post on bird tattoos it reminded me of my insane love for kate nash & especially the song 'birds'

haven't heard it in about a zillion years and.just did a quick youtube and remember EVERY single word.

reminds me of me and my best friend karen about 5 years ago when we did super cool things like learning allll the words from her songs. 
anyways, you may not appreciate it. but its a happy song. plus she's awesome.

'right birds can fly so high,
& they can shit on your head.
yeah they can almost fly into your eye
and make you feel well scared.
but when you look at them
& you see that they're beautiful
thats how i feel about you.
right thats how i feel about you.

she said thanks i like you too
he said cool'


do birds of summer fly in circles or just fly away?

anyone that knows me will know just how much i love birds, or atleast the doodles, drawings or tattoos of them. 
i dont think i'll ever have the guts to get a bird like tattoo despite how much i love them, so instead i'll just admire them ...