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i own a little vintage shop on the south coast by the sea, or at vintagepersempre.com. im married and we have a beautiful baby girl. i like going for walks on cold sunny days and trashy reality tv. i love small boutiques, markets and big city centers. im slightly dyslexic so you'll have to ignore my poor spelling, and i rarely use capital letters. my music taste is so varied, from country to screamo, oh and musicals. i love song lyrics, pretty photographs and modern art. i have many guilty pleasures and im really not very cool. im obsessed with drawings and tattoos of birds, but im genuinely terrified of real life ones. i guess you can read on to find out more (:

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Thursday, 23 June 2011

its all about meeeee.

there's been an article written about me!
i mean if it wasn't for the shop it wouldn't have happened, but still bonkers!.


Saturday, 18 June 2011


cause i dont know who i am, who i am without you.

Tom proposed last friday...


I said yes (:

Thursday, 9 June 2011

what has changed my life.

(an excuse to ramble)

City & Colour. 
without a doubt this band has changed my life. dramatic and over the top? well maybe. but i love them. it all started when i was feeling down after a on/off relationship with an ex and a friend played me 'sleeping sickness'. now most would claim that this song is actually rather depressing - the main line being 'someone come and save my life' but somehow it pulled me out of my little dark place. me and her have drifted now but C&C are still very much a big part of my life. no matter what mood im in i can find a song to relate. one of the best days to date was when i saw them live. they were absolutely beautiful and i would happily see them a hundred times more. i urge everyone to youtube them now. top songs; sleeping sickness, the girl, sam malone and day old hate.

now i dont like to be the kind of girl that never shuts up about her boyfriend, so i'll try to keep this short, but well, he has inevitably changed my life. probably more than anyone else. before him i was a very different person, and i know he brought out the best in me. quite simply - i love him lots. cute,

the only city that i feel in love with instantly. me and tom has been together only couple of months, booked a holiday and within 4 days we were in a hotel looking at the Vatican city. i've never seen anything more beautiful. we spent a week feeling cultural, eating, talking for hours and falling in love. i could not recommend a place to go more than rome, and im desperate to go back one day. 

Vintage Per Sempre.
my shop. my business. within two months of getting my A level results i had a shop up and running, and it was scary. but im so proud of how far i have come along. i was never this grown up before. and within only 7 months so much changed. the shop's growing, people have heard of me, its been said that im the youngest shop owner in our area - im quite proud of that. the next step for vintage per sempre: going online. so far its really just ebay, but i want my own website. so watch this space. the shop has given me more confidence and allowed me to really run with my love for vintage. i've also met so many lovely people just from having the shop. its all very lovely really (:

there are so many more millions of things, but i'd say these are some of the most significant.
so what about you? who or what has changed your life?

Thursday, 2 June 2011

going back to my roots.

for the past 6 (ish months) i've been a variety of shades of, well ginger.
this week i've decided to go back to my more natural (perhaps boring) but lovely brunette self.
any thoughts?

 im kinda thinking brunette is a tad more grown up too. im happy with it (:

Fancy dress party tonight (:
my favourite!
its ke$ha themed. so im thinking some baggy top and lots of glitter.
she's not my cup of tea music taste but it should be a giggle of a night.
pictures to follow?