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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

hello baby.

its been agessss since i last blogged.
that could possibly be the arrival of my little girl Scarlett Rose 

she finally arrived 15 days after her due date and a grand total of 37.5 hours after arriving at the hospital.

won't lie - labour isn't pretty or beautiful. its painful. and i really do hate everyone that said 'you won't feel any pain' ... bollocks! after going in on the thursday afternoon to be induced, my babies heart rate dropped worrying the doctors. about a day later my contractions started (urm. ouch) but only because they tied me up to a drip. these went on for a few hours till i was begging for an epidural - even though the midwife kindly told me that they were just slight 'niggles' - at this point i honestly could have hit her. then my new best friend the anesthetist popped along to give me the epidural. giving us a chance to sleep (tom at this point laid down on the delivery room floor for a kip) i was then told to push, tried this for an hour and a half before and then after all of that i was given an emergancy caesarian.  

but what they say is true, when you have your baby you really do forget the pain.

she was born at 4.52 am on 14th jan weighing 7lbs 14oz
and we really couldn't be happier!

oh and check out these absolute BEAUTIES!
a baby present from my good friend zoe at love from hetty and dave!


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