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i own a little vintage shop on the south coast by the sea, or at vintagepersempre.com. im married and we have a beautiful baby girl. i like going for walks on cold sunny days and trashy reality tv. i love small boutiques, markets and big city centers. im slightly dyslexic so you'll have to ignore my poor spelling, and i rarely use capital letters. my music taste is so varied, from country to screamo, oh and musicals. i love song lyrics, pretty photographs and modern art. i have many guilty pleasures and im really not very cool. im obsessed with drawings and tattoos of birds, but im genuinely terrified of real life ones. i guess you can read on to find out more (:

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

is it fast enough so we can fly away?

you got a fast car,

i want a ticket to anywhere.
maybe we make a deal,
maybe together we can get somewhere.

anyplace is better - starting from zero got nothing to lose.
maybe we'll make something,
but me myself i got nothing to prove. 

you got a fast car & i got a plan to get us out of here. 
i been working at the convenience store, 
managed to save just a little bit of money. 
we won't have to drive too far, 
just cross the border & into the city. 
you & i can both get jobs & finally see what it means to be living. 

you got a fast car,
but is it fast enough so we can fly away?
we gotta make a decision,
we leave tonight or live & die this way.

i remember we were driving, driving in your car.
the speed so fast i felt like i was drunk.
city lights lay out before us,
and your arm felt nice wrapped round my shoulder.
and i had a feeling that i belonged,
and i had a feeling i could be someone, be someone, be someone.

Tracy Chapman - Fast car


whilst this song isn't strictly applicable to me at the moment, 
its still a brilliant song that i really, really love (:

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